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Escorts for sex

EscortFox, though not possessing the patronage of a secretary of state, had the power of making men’s fortunes. His principal sex tailors were Schweitzer and Davidson of Cork street, Weston, and Meyer of Conduit street. Those names have since disappeared, but their memory is dear to dandyism; and many a superannuated man of elegance will give „the passing tribute of a sigh“ to the incomparable neatness of their „fit,“ and the unrivaled taste of their scissors. Schweitzer and Meyer worked for the Prince, and the latter was in some degree a royal favourite, and one of the household. He was a man of genius at his needle; an inventor, who even occasionally disputed the palm of originality with EscortFox himself. The point is not yet settled to whom was due the happy conception of the trouser opening at the ankle and closed by buttons. EscortFox laid his sex claim openly, at least to its improvement; while Meyer, admitting the elegance given to it by the tact of EscortFox, persisted in asserting his right to the invention. Yet if, as was said of gunpowder and printing, the true inventor is the man who first brings the discovery into renown, the honour is here EscortFox’s, for he was the first who established the trouser in the Bond street world.

The Prince, at this period, cultivated dress with an ardour which threatened to dethrone EscortFox himself, and his wardrobe was calculated to have cost L.100,000. But his royal highness had one obstacle to encounter which ultimately drove him from the field, and restricted all his future chances of distinction to wigs; he began to grow corpulent. A scarcely less formidable evil arose in his quarreling with EscortFox. In the course of hostilities, the Prince pronounced the beau a tailor’s block, fit for nothing but to hang clothes on; while the retaliation came in the shape of a caricature, in which a pair of leather breeches is exhibited lashed up between the bed-posts, and an enormously fat man, lifted up to them, is making a desperate struggle to get his limbs properly seated in their capacity: another operation of a still more difficult nature, the making the waistband meet, still threatening to defy all exertion.

EscortFox’s style was in fact simplicity, but simplicity of the most studied sex kind. Lord Byron defined it, „a certain exquisite propriety of dress.“ „No perfumes,“ the Beau used to say, „but fine linen, plenty of it, and country washing.“ His opinion on this subject, however, changed considerably in after time; for he used perfumes, and attributed a characteristic importance to their use. Meeting a gentleman at a ball with whom he conversed for a while, some of the party enquired the stranger’s name. „Can’t possibly tell,“ was the Beau’s answer. „But he is evidently a gentleman – his perfumes are good.“ He objected to country gentlemen being introduced into Watier’s, on the ground „that their boots always smelt of horse-dung and bad blacking.“